Cooking Asparagus

How to enjoy asparagus – Trim, Cook, Eat

Or just trim and eat – freshly harvested asparagus tastes divine.

Asparagus should be eaten as soon as possible after harvesting.  Ballynavortha House asparagus is available  in your local shop within a couple of hours of being harvested.

Preparing asparagus – Trim
The lower portion of an asparagus spear is more fibrous and should be discarded.  Simply bend each spear and it will automatically snap where the soft part meets the tougher fibrous part.

Cooking asparagus
The best way to enjoy asparagus is also the simplest – steamed, griddled or grilled.  It can also be fried, sautéd, baked, boiled or barbecued – any way you please!

Asparagus is perfectly cooked when there is a slight bite, much like perfectly cooked pasta.   The French term “Á point”,  (pronounced ah pwa) meaning “perfectly cooked” sums it up perfectly.

The classic accompaniment is a sauce – usually Hollandaise Sauce, but clarified butter, fresh mayonnaise or a vinaigrette sauce can also be served.  Other sauces include Sauce Mornay or for a touch of decadence, try a champagne sauce.

Eat  asparagus – You can have your CAKE and eat it – Enjoy vitamins C, A,K, and E.