My name is Marj Doyle and I am a qualified horticulturist, graduating with a BSc. in Horticulture from the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin in 2016.

My aim is to get everyone outside in the garden to do a little bit of gardening, whatever your age, ability or capacity.  I especially like to assist older people with the gardening jobs that you cannot do on your own, for whatever reason – pruning, planting, sowing, propagating, garden design, landscaping, repotting – indoor and outdoor plants – and, of course, watering.  You give companionship to your plants;  I give you companionship – a win:win situation.

Contact me today to discuss your own particular requirements –

Call or text to 00 353 86 6089535 or email thelonelyplant@gmail.com

A lonely plant needs a companion