Horticulture Therapy

Gardening changes lives.  Horticulture therapy is gardening.

Ever since Frederick Law Olmsted designed Central Park in 1857, it is well known that parks are the lungs of cities.  It follows that being out in your own garden can enhance your health and well being.  

Participating in horticultural activities can benefit all manner of people – people in wheelchairs, dementia sufferers, stroke victims, autistic people, persons with Downs Syndrome, amputees or indeed just people getting older – the list is endless and anybody can do some gardening.

Gardening tools can be adapted to assist all those in need and more and more adaptive tools are now available on the market, so no one can have an excuse any more for not getting out into the fresh air to do a little bit of gardening.

I can assist with horticulture therapy on a one-to-one or group basis.

Contact me today and change your life – call or text 086 6089535 or email thelonelyplant@gmail.com

Long handled easi grip gardening tools from PETA UK Ltd. allow you to garden while sitting
Raised planting beds allow you to garden while sitting or to stand without bending down