Galanthus = Snowdrop

Isn’t a snowdrop aptly named? – it looks just like a drop of snow – especially Galanthus ‘Plicatus‘.

Galanthus ‘Plicatus’

Galanthus = Snowdrop. People who are passionate about snowdrops are known as galanthaphiles! There are many species of Galanthus – and some galanthaphiles will resort to any method to acquire a rare Galanthus.

Galanthus ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’
Galanthus ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’








G. ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’ is a lovely double flowered snowdrop. You need to lift up the heads of snowdrops to appreciate all the different distinguishing green markings inside.

Galanthus ‘Nivalis’ is the common snowdrop seen in almost every garden and several others are easy to come by.  Just one bulb planted in a pot will multiply over a few years and you will be greeted by wonderful snowdrops every spring.



Galanthus Nivalis’ – the common snowdrop